I have survived the weekend alcohol free! I cannot tell you when the last time this has happened. I don’t want to get to ahead of myself though; I am proud.

This morning I took my pups for a long walk around the park  before going to the Gong Bath Meditation led by my friend Travis Lacey. I came into the meditation with expectations; which subsequently has been the hot topic of discussion in my life lately and all relationships (not just romantic). I expected to manifest all these unique insights and realizations n’ shit and mind/heart opening, alcohol free/sober mind spiritual BS that would leave me feeling enlightened and crap….

If only that was the case: I was set up next to some asshole who snored the whole meditation and I had to fight the urge not to get up and punch this asshole in the face for distracting me and being annoying AF.  I even turned an gave him the ” I hate you” look when I knew this dumb MF was out…because he was snoring! After the meditation, I waited for Travis to finish talking with interested, eager gong participants until I could talk to him uninterrupted. I shared with Travis how angry I was with this stupid snoring man and how he bothered me so much. Travis worked his gong, yoga mind magic and asked me how can I apply this experience to my life and learn from it?

An son-of-a-bitch Travis was on to something. I let to many people who do so little for me, get the best of me. This stupid snoring man felt great; he just had a wonderful nap with beautiful music being played for him! An I was just sitting there, stewing on my nap being pissed off he inconvenienced me. I need to learn to live with the distractions, in harmony, because they will always be there.

Tomorrow is Monday and my first Sober work day; Day 4. I generally try and stay dry during the week but now it is a must. I turned down my friends tonight who all wanted to go to the bar, I declined the wine I was offered at dinner, and I enjoyed the most delicious Blondie ice cream brownie from AppleBees with a close friend.

It was a solid, sober weekend.




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