I followed thru today! Granted there is still an hour an half left of Saturday (as I type this)…. I think I’m in the clear. I have told a select few people, like my yoga instructor (who is sober), that I am trying to remain alcohol free for the next 28 days and they have been supportive. I went to yoga this morning, ran 5K, got my laundry done, paid bills, ran errands & just took care.  It felt wonderful to be hangover free today and not afraid to check my bank account this morning. My Saturday was long and enjoyable.

On the flip side: current arising issues are the people in my life. Several have had alcohol seriously negatively effect their lives the past few weeks (that dumb shit I mentioned in my first post). I am going to have to make some tough decisions and confront the issues. These are important people to me and I must voice my concern before stepping away – if nothing changes or is acknowledged.

For example: tonight I went to dinner with someone and watched them throw back 3 double talls; back to back. It was clear I was not going to be consuming any alcohol after my third unsweet tea. Nothing was mentioned about my unusual behavior… usually I am throwing cabernet or gin and tonics back and keeping up. This is a new relationship for me and I see it coming to an end rather quickly as I couldn’t even muster up the courage to bring the issue up in fear that I woul not be understood.  I am proud I did not partake in any drinking tonight.

Tomorrow I am signed up for a gong bath meditation at a local studio. My friend Travis plays the gong an leads the meditation. I have not been to one of his classes in a long time and he finally brought that up recently. I saw he had one scheduled for Sunday at a local yoga studio an I signed right up and paid in advance to hold myself accountable. I plan to finish that damn laundry, take my dogs to the park, and spend no extra money out.

Bring on day 3




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