Trying something new can mean something different to everyone. For me, trying something new is giving up drinking. I am not giving drinking up forever…but often when I expect or say something – I usually end up doing the opposite.

I am giving up drinking mainly because I am fed up with:

  • Treating my body like shit
  • Feeling like shit
  • Eating like shit
  • Dumb shit drunk people who can’t handle their shit
  • Dumb dramatic shit happening (see above reference)

Basically I am fed up with all the SHIT that comes with drinking. & it is saying something negative if I continue to let something so shitty bring me down.  It truly goes against everything I am doing and believe in health wise. I am ashamed to say I have spent so many nights in the bar just because it was something to do with company but not anymore. We live, we learn, we evolve into someone better by being better and challenging ourselves to evolve.

I am looking forward to the changes: health, finance, clarity, motivation; everything. I know it won’t be easy an at times I will want to rationalize with myself. This is why I am documenting it. It is currently Friday night and I spent my evening grocery shopping (which i desperately needed to do), an after ate dinner and took my time with it at Earthfare, AND  finally unpacked from my NYC trip from last month. I am getting ready for bed because I am 8AM hot yoga tomorrow and I won’t be missing it. 28 days – no alcohol – legggooooooo.





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  1. 28 days, way to go! I love your list. Like you, I can tick all of those items. I am glad to have found your up beat, positive blog on this wet, wild, winter’s Sunday afternoon. I look forward to reading more of your alcoholfree updates xoxo


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