Florida Beach Halfathon

The best part about running is that you can’t fake it. If you put in the consistent work – you will succeed (YouTube Will Smith Reading & Running if you don’t believe me).

Soo the Florida Beach Halfathon put on by local race director, Chris Lauber, this past Sunday was 13.1 miles at good ole’ Fort DeSoto Park. Race day took place on Daylight Saving so the morning was extra dark & an hour of sleep was wrongfully taken. I woke up at 5 a.m. to make sure I had enough time to get ready (gave myself too much time I could’ve slept more) and was out the door before 6. Race day is always ass jam packed. I want to say this was my 20th half marathon… I will have to check on that later – but as you can assume I am a vet at this.

The race started fairly quickly: Chris made some announcements, the National Anthem was sung, and we were off. usually I do not listen to my music for the first 6.5 miles but this morning I just kind of wanted to get away from all the noisy chitter chatter of other racers and just jive on my own. this was awesome except my headphones ended up breaking (pretty sure from the amount of sweat that seeps into them)so I played my loud, thug ass rap off my iphone while running. *MOST* everyone enjoyed it. I always end up running alone during races – there are people way behind me and way ahead of me while I’m in the center just trucking along on my own. I enjoy this because I am extremely competitive and also annoyed easily.

Mile 3.5 is where I thought I would dip out due to A LOT of pain in my right calf muscle. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to finish as this happened in December–I experienced my first did not finish, DNF, while running the Holiday Halfathon due to a pulled calf. I decided to tell myself to get out of my head, December was not my time and I did not need to get mentally stuck on my failure… The months leading up to that Holiday Half were not my best: I was treating my body like shit – it was no wonder why my body was not able to finish the race. So, instead of focusing on the negative, I focused myself on what I HAVE been doing consistently different since that dreadful December Half- The weightlifting, the yoga, biking and boxing which have all played a part in cross training & preparing my body.

I know I’m strong and I knew I could get to mile 4 so I encouraged myself: “get to mile 4 and then you can take a break” then it became mile 5, then mile 6 and before I knew it -it was mile 10! And I know damn well I’m not stopping with just 5K left!

I finished the Beach Halfathon in 2 hours, 25 minutes. I am proud because my goal was finish without stopping or walking. Now,for ME, 2:25 is SLOW AF – & that I am not proud of.

For 2017 I have only been on 16 runs averaging out to a total of 130K miles. That is not ideal for a long-distance runner, at all! I partake in so many other activities that I really don’t get my running in like I used to. Between the boxing, yoga, and weightlifting… I would be adding a THIRD work out to my already very busy day.

I am considering taking a break from the long distance racing, and focus more on five and 10K’s & not stress my body hardcore. but Of course I can say this now and end up registering for a marathon or IronMan in like two weeks. Who knows… That’s part of the fun 😉


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